Workplace Wellness That Works

Over 75% of employees now have access to some type of wellness offering. But, do these programs actually work? Evidence suggests that most do not. On average, over 80% of eligible employees are opting out and rates of stress and poor health continue to soar. Join Laura Putnam, CEO of Motion Infusion and author of Workplace Wellness That Works for a thought-provoking talk about how we can do workplace wellness differently. Packed with the latest research and brimming with ideas based on real-world case studies and stories, learn how you can shift the conversation from implementing yet another program to starting a movement of well-being in your organization. This session will touch on industry hot topics, such as effective ways to inspire behavior change, the truth behind motivation, and how to shift the culture. We’ll also dive into creative tactics that aren’t being talked about, such as “going stealth” – a strategy that calls for “sneaking” wellness into non-wellness initiatives. You’ll come away with lots of ideas and tools to start a movement – in any organization!

 Learn about how you can reshape your organization's approach to wellness and Start a Movement! This training workshop is idea for wellness and HR professionals, executives and managers, or anyone who wants to promote well-being at work. Discover how you can transform the health and well-being of your employees, based on the 10 steps outlined in Workplace Wellness That Works. Click here to access an interview to learn more about workplace wellness that works. 

You'll learn how to:

  • Appeal to positive emotions instead of enforcing compliance;
  • Shift the focus from improved health to enhanced quality of life;
  • Trade in incentives for generating intrinsic motivation;
  • Use "nudges" and "cues" to make health easy and "normal;"
  • Go "stealth" - sneaking wellness into non-wellness initiatives; and
  • Integrate well-being into the fabric of business as usual.

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