The first step to "getting in motion" is increased awareness. Our lunch n’ learns, short conference sessions, and keynote speeches are lively and spirited, and provide employees with a basic overview of the benefits of enhanced well-being with easy-to-use tips. To learn more, download an Overview of Our Services

  • Lunch n' learns
  • Breakout-style conference sessions
  • Keynote speeches
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The second step is bridging the gap between knowing and doing – and setting in motion real behavior change. Our interactive workshop sessions and series are lively, engaging, and use research-based methods that really work. Employees will get motivated to get out of their chairs – and into a healthier way of life. To learn more, download an Overview of Our Services

  • On-site workshops and workshop series
  • Day-long workshops for conferences or retreats
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Your employees are now aware and they’ve gotten hands-on practice in improving their well-being. Now it’s time to create a work environment that promotes well-being throughout the day. We consult with in-house wellness coordinators and company leaders to create long-term well-being solutions. Through on-site evaluations, targeted instruction and ongoing systems, we help you to bring about long-lasting change to get your company “in motion.” To learn more, download an Overview of Our Services

  • On-site evaluations
  • Long-term, on-site solutions
  • Systems to keep your company "in motion"
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It’s the age of do-it-yourself! Laura's new book Workplace Wellness That Works, along with our products and train-the-trainer sessions are a fun and inexpensive way to keep your company and employees on the move. Products include videos, tip cards, and posters that enhanced well-being on a daily basis. To learn more, download an Overview of Our Services

  • Archived webinars to get up to speed on relevant topics
  • Fun, user-friendly products
  • Train-the-trainer sessions to build organizational capacity
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