Movement Is For Everyone

Movement is for everyone—even patients in the ICU.  A recent study conducted at Ohio State University and three other universities indicates that getting up and moving is critical to an ICU patient’s short and long-term recovery.  Doctors, such as Dr. Peter Morris of Wake University Baptist Medical Center, are now encouraging their ICU patients to get moving—tubes and all. What he’s found is that this simple, yet “radical solution” can profoundly help patients to regain strength and reduce chances of post-traumatic stress.

This just goes to show that movement truly is for everyone. We simply cannot underestimate the power of movement. Even Beethoven, despite his declining health, began each day with a morning walk—pad of paper and pen in hand. It was this daily ritual that stimulated his creative thinking for the rest of the day.

So, whether you’re recovering from surgery or getting started on a creative process - get moving! 

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