We Sit Too Much

We sit too much: at our desks, at meetings, on airplanes, in our cars. This lack of healthy motion is giving us aching bodies, slow thinking, shortness of breath - and setting us up for chronic disease. Not exactly the ideal scenario for a productive workplace! Research shows that incorporating movement into the daily rhythm of a corporate environment is one of the best ways to create a healthier, happier, and even smarter workforce. Motion Infusion works with your employees to naturally integrate movement throughout the workday. We offer a proven step-by-step process that will get your employees – and productivity – moving in a positive direction.

  • We sit too much!
  • Movement keeps us happier, healthier & smarter.
  • Motion Infusion gets companies "on the move." 

Behavior Change Is Tough

Health, by and large = behaviors. Most people know what to do to get healthier. The real billion-dollar dilemma in wellness is "How do we get people to close the knowing and doing gap to actually make these positive changes?" At Motion Infusion, we're bucking the trend of more incentives. Instead, our programs are built on intrinsic motivators - which are essential for long-lasting change. We help organizations and teams to implement culture-based solutions and generating a "meaning-based" behavior change process. These are the real keys to long-term success.

  • Real behavior change leads to real well-being.
  • Incentives don't work over the long run, and in fact may undermine intrinsic motivation.
  • We believe in changing behaviors - one culture at a time!

Wellness Is Too Negative

It doesn’t take a PhD to realize that positive reinforcements and building on strengths works a lot better than negativity and zeroing in on weaknesses. But most well-being programs rely on scary statistics and long-winded assessments that deplete us. To make matters worse, a lot of the "wellness in a box" solutions out there are just flat out boring. Instead, we offer well-being programs that are fun, motivating, thought-provoking and most importantly – inspire real change.

  • We start by highlighting what's right.
  • We build up encouragement and confidence.
  • We make it fun.


Ultimately, the success of any workplace wellness initiative comes down to engagement, and evidence suggests that the direct manager may be the vital link. This is why we've teamed with Pro-Change Behavior Systems to launch Manager on the Move - an innovative initiative that empowers managers to become "multipliers" of well-being. In three simple steps, managers acquire strategies to spark movements of well-being with their team members: 

  • Do – Lead by example;
  • Speak – Persuade team members to join through effective communication; and
  • Create – Develop an infrastructure to make well-being easy and “normal.”

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